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Our History

Girls Incorporated of Delaware began in 1950 as the Girls Club of Wilmington and the Soroptimist Club of Wilmington, and Mary Dennison discussed the establishment of a Girls Club of Wilmington.

The club was incorporated on November 27, 1953, the board of directors was convened, and the officers were elected on January 20, 1954. 

After a community survey revealed that more than 1600 girls lived in the service area, Browntown was selected as the site.

In 1953, a $20,000 gift made it possible to purchase the land and a four-story home at 1019 Brown Street in Wilmington.  The club was established on land purchased from Bronislaw and Janina Koper on July 22, 1953.  The club was dedicated at 1019 Brown Street on November 14, 1954.  The average daily attendance from 1954 to 1955 was 113 girls.

Today Girls Inc. of Delaware moves into serving girls for 66 years in Delaware.  We are one of 85 Girls Inc. affiliates in the US and Canada

“Inspiring all girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold.” 

Girls Inc.
Bill of Rights

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Although times have changed over 70 years, GIDE always has been, and will always be for girls. With a continued commitment and dedication to making a measurable and lasting difference, GIDE is a strong advocate for girls and honors the Girls Inc. Girls Bill of Rights