GIDE is accepting applications for 2021-2022 Interns and Volunteers!

What do Interns and Volunteers do? Interns and Volunteers inspire girls to be Strong, Smart, and Bold by serving as program facilitators, mentors, and program support to deliver Girls Inc. of Delaware (GIDE) curriculum to girls ages 6-18 in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Co.  College Interns and Volunteers are assigned to focus areas such as: Development and Social Media, Inventory and Facilities, Program Services, Community Outreach.


Volunteers interested in working directly with girls, additional information and follow up is required.

What are the requirements? All new interns and volunteers are:

  • Currently enrolled in an Associate, Bachelors, or Master’s Program

  • Must be willing to commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week

  • Must submit an application, have an interview, and conduct a background check prior to being invited to intern or volunteer

  • Must pass pre–employment background investigation including but not limited to: fingerprint, employment history, and criminal background check

  • Must attend in person mandatory new Intern/Volunteer orientation and Girls Inc. of Delaware (training is by invitation only and is offered at various times during the year)


What do you receive?

GIDE swag items (hats, shirts, etc.)

  • Recognitions:  A thank you ceremony, on our website and printed materials, connections with girls which are impactful and life lasting

  • Incentives for job well done, attendance, and because you are a part of the Team……


Interns and Volunteer Program Facilitators are expected to work a minimum of 10 hours per week-this includes direct service schedules should permit for a minimum of one full day per week or two half days per week. 

Please fill out this FORM and either email to

Please call with any questions or to schedule a tour.


Contact us on 302-575-1041 or